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Dual Pole Male Plug (Horizontal) (Screw In) Tectran 670-19Sg

Dual Pole Male Plug (Horizontal) (Screw In) Tectran 670-19Sg


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Dual pole side by side horizontal male plug for the truck, screw in connection to wire.

Explore Tectran's Dual Pole Plugs & Sockets - Tailgate Connectors Dual Pole Buffalo Plug & Bull Nose Sockets:


  • Common Application: Commonly used for trailer liftgate battery charging and tarping applications 
  • Dedicated Ground Connection: Dual pole design allows for a dedicated ground connection
  • SAE J3082 Compliance: Plugs & sockets meet SAE J3082 standards for quality and safety
  • Positive Pin Design: Recessed positive pin in plugs ensures ground is established before the circuit is completed
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Heavy-duty metal plug housings and spring guards for durability
  • Cable Compatibility: Plugs & sockets accept 4GA cable for efficient power transfer

Incorporate Tectran's Dual Pole Plugs & Sockets for reliable tailgate connectors that meet industry standards and ensure secure power connections. Choose quality and performance with Tectran.

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